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visual art

Paintings, photographs, digital graphics, and other visual art forms


Elizabeth Clay   collage, painting, fine jewelry, photography   March 2011

John Clay   paintings, assemblages   March 2011

Rex Lindberg   photography   April 2010

Dee Kotaska   photography   March 2010

Avery Schwartz   paintings, drawings   January 2009

Siegfried Schreck   digital paintings   April 2007

Nathan Combs   photographs, digital images   April 2007

Cecilia Ferreira   paintings, digital images   December 2006

Jonathan Weiser   paintings   March 2004

Bina Sharif   paintings, drawings   July 2003

S. E. Chambers   photographs, ceramics, painting   March 2003

Jill Odegaard   installation art   January 2003


Dates indicate the artist's most recent posting.
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