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write a review

In line with the philosophy of bhag—that we all benefit by sharing insights, and that through continuous feedback we make the mass aggregate work called culture—every artist published on is invited to write reviews of the work of our other artists. New artists making their first submission for publication in bhag are encouraged to submit one written review of an already published bhag artist. Our viewers also are invited to write reviews.

As with the reviews sent to newly published artists by the editor, all reviews which new or existing bhag artists write about each other's work should offer constructive criticism and should do so with courtesy and respect and with awareness of the limits of one's own expertise.

four steps to a review

Ask yourself these four questions about the work of the artist you are reviewing. Write your four answers, one by one, and your review is done!

  1. What strikes you as the major theme in this artist's work?
  2. What is the artist doing right?
  3. What could the artist do differently to make their work better?
  4. What kind of work would you like to see more of from this artist?

For answers to your questions about writing a review, or to submit your review for publication, please contact