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These are some links you might like to explore.
They will take you out of bhag and into other websites.

The presence on this page of a link to another website does not imply any affiliation between bhag and any other website.


the americas

Chicago Sun Times  USA
Financial Times US edition
The Weather Channel  US and world weather.
BOYCOTT New York Times online  USA
BOYCOTT Los Angeles Times Online  USA
El Nuevo Dia  Puerto Rico USA (in Spanish)
Toronto Star  Canada
El Universal  Mexico (in Spanish)
La Jornada  Mexico (in Spanish)


BBC News
Times of London  Great Britain
Guardian and Observer  Great Britain
La Vanguardia  Spain (in Spanish)
Le Monde  France (in French)
Der Spiegel  Germany (in German, with some English text)
La Repubblica  Italy (in Italian)
Pravda  Russia (in English or Russian)
Daily Star  Lebanon (in English)
Ha'aretz Daily Newspaper  Israel (in English or Hebrew)
Palestine Times  Palestine, based in Great Britain (in English)
DAWN  Pakistan (in English)
Hindustan Times  India (in English)
Daily Hindi Milap  India (in Hindi)
China Daily  China (in English)
Asahi  Japan (in English or Japanese)
Manila Times  Philippines (in English)
Sydney Morning Herald  Australia

africa  News all across Africa (in English)
Middle East Times  Egypt (in English)
The Ghanaian Chronicle  Ghana (in English)
The Guardian  Nigeria (in English)
Daily Nation  Kenya (in English)
The Mail & Guardian  South Africa (in English)



Wikipedia  General encyclopedia, created through collaborative writing and editing.

WebReference  Encyclopedia of web and technology.

Webopedia  Encyclopedia of web and technology.

The JavaScript Source  Free javascript.  Information about almost everything.

Mapquest  Maps and directions.

Freetranslation  Translates text from one language to another.

Systransoft  Translates text from one language to another.

News Directory  Newspapers from around the world.

Published.Com  Directory of independent writers and artists.  Tips on photography and digital cameras.

MarksOnline  Free trademark and domain name searching.  Copyright information and services.

Venable  Online law resource, with a wealth of articles on copyright and intellectual property.

US Savings Bonds  Buy bonds online.



MoMA  Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

Louvre  Official site of the Musée du Louvre.

Tate  Tate Gallery, London.

Fictive  A loose constellation of multi-disciplinary art creators.

Artists Alliance/Alianza de Artistas  Forums for arts and artists in New York City.

The Douglas Kelley Show list  Comprehensive guide to art events in New York City.

Artzar  Arts & Literature Showcase.  Surrealist art of Lukás Kándl.

Jamie Leo  New York City artist and designer.

Catherine Clay  Photography.  Artists sharing work on the Internet.

philosophy and science

Philosophy Pages

International Directory of On-Line Philosophy Papers

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Cognitive Questions  Papers on philosophy of mind by Teed Rockwell, with commentary from others.  Physics & astronomy online education and reference.

Conference of Socialist Economists  An international organisation committed to developing a materialist critique of capitalism.

political action

Government Guide  Guide to government offices and services in the USA.

Democratic Promise  A renewal of the Democratic Party's values, identity, and promise for America.

Democracy Net  Information on elections in the USA.

Move On  Working to bring citizens back into politics.

True Majority  Grassroots action for a just and sustainable world.

Electronic Frontier Foundation  Defending free expression in the digital age.

Act for Change  Merging commercialism with progressive activism, this unusual site provides news on progressive issues, plus opportunities for citizen action.

Human Rights Watch  Defending human rights around the world.