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Avery Schwartz visual art

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paintings and drawings



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  • Born: Pacific Northwest 1946
  • Education: Project Artaud 1971–1987, San Francisco Art Institute 1973
  • My contribution to art: Humanity
  • My heroes: The guy who likes hemis in his Dodges, the kid in Mad Hot Ballroom, any of the canine species
  • Today's art scene: Full of itself
  • Promise for the world: Youth and humor
  • I'd rather be: Merrill Streep
  • Cyber world: The new vaudeville
  • On religion: Should be banned
  • World War II: Taught us what we already know
  • Favorite movie: On the Waterfront
  • Least favorite place: Boeing Field in January at 4:00am
  • Most favorite place: My basement
  • Favorite kitchen utensil: Cuisinart Mixer.

artist statement

This work represents several facets of my expressionistic repertoire. I can't claim to be an artist who creates an inquiry into a single topic, nor even claim a unified style or technique. Instead, I yield to a completely submissive role in my work. Sometimes inspired by the external world, sometimes by the internal world, I can be awestruck by humans as instinctive builders, or feel prone to swimming in the signs and symbols floating in my subconscious mind. Sometimes the canvas takes on an anatomical aura like a skin elegantly tuned and stretched—the paint is myself in the sandbox at six. I can smell it and experience it as either fine toned, or a sanded peanut butter sandwich. I am always surprised to see a recognizable figure growing in the mess, consistently inconsistent dissecting my own human condition.

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