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Dee Kotaska visual art

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Visions of Peace



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Dee Kotaska is a photographer who lives and works in Minnesota, USA. She is a member of the Kanabec County Art Association and exhibits her work at the annual Vasaloppet Art Show, the Sticks and Stones Festival, and other venues throughout the state.

artist statement

Photography is a very personal extension of how I experience the world. It expresses my spiritual, emotional, and physical contacts with the living things with whom we share this planet. When I am really in tune with my subject, I feel a spiritual connection and work to express that connection. I call my work "Intimate Reflections" because I feel that the closer we see something, the more we can experience it; and all of nature reflects back to us, providing a mirror for who we are.  My primary subject matter is nature, and I work to express the calming, peaceful essence of what I see. I enjoy creating images that are abstract and require the viewer to engage in what is presented.

The photographs presented here are a collection that I call "Visions of Peace: Images for Healing". This collection has been purchased by a local hospital where it is on permanent display.

Throughout the years, I have strived to create photographic images that express my perceptions of peace. These images remind me that peace in our souls is possible and that it is in this place of peace that healing takes place. We all need healing, whether it  be physical, mental, or emotional. These images are my gift to you. Please take time to view them and let the peace course through your body and soul. May you be at peace. May we all be healed.

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