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publish here

publishing in bhag is easy

Send in your best visual or written work: the work you want to share with the world because it represents who you are, or who you are exploring being. Bhag won't try to decide whether your work is good enough; you decide for yourself.

show your work

As an artist published in bhag, you get your own introductory page, to tell people who you are, and a display page for each work you publish. On your intro page you can present an autobiographical statement, a statement of purpose, or even a resumé. (In the Interviews section, each interviewee receives an intro page, and each interviewer receives a brief biographical statement at the bottom of the interview.) Publish in one section or several: Visual Art, Literary Art, Interviews, Philosophy, Public Journal.

share ideas

Artists are invited to join the Bhag Email Group: a practical discussion group where members of bhag can share working insights and informative life experiences in all facets of artmaking and writing. You can also form your own face-to-face Bhag Meeting Group.

review and get reviewed

In line with the bhag philosophy of conceptual exchange, every new artist published on is provided a constructive, thoughtful review by the editor. And every new artist must submit one written review of an already published bhag artist. It's easy to do, using our four steps to Write a Review

publish whenever you like

Since bhag posts new works continuously throughout the year, there are no deadlines; you can submit works at any time. And within certain practical limits, you can publish as often as you wish: several times a year, once every couple of years, or once in a lifetime, if that's what you prefer. We generally need about a month to process and post any submission, so we recommend limiting your submissions to no more than one per month.

publish in any language

You may publish in any language. Please also include an English translation of your work. Automatic (but imperfect) translation is available online. See the reference section in bhag's links.

bhag's editorial policy

We try to keep editorial review at bhag as open, inclusive, and flexible as possible. Bhag reserves the ultimate right to decide what will be published on the site. We do a standard review of new submissions for the following purposes: (1) to screen out threatening or hate-based content and recipes for violent acts or tools of destruction, (2) to offer submitters our constructive criticism of their work--not to accept or reject, but simply to offer our thoughts, and (3) to recommend the correction of apparently unintentional errors in grammar, spelling, or word usage. Any constructive criticism will be performed with courtesy and respect and with awareness of the limits of our own expertise. The submitter retains the right to disregard our criticisms and recommendations and publish their work "as is". Although bhag reserves the ultimate right to decide which section will contain your work, please let us know which you prefer: Visual Art, Literary Art, Interviews, Philosophy, and Public Journal.

getting your stuff to us is easy

Send your work as an email attachment, to If it is a short written piece, you can even send it as an email message. Written works may be of any length not exceeding the equivalent of 15 printed pages (when single-spaced, at a standard type-size such as 12-point Geneva). Longer works can be submitted for publication in installments. Send visual works as gif or jpeg files. Filesize should be 300 to 900k per image. Contact the editor if you have questions or need help.

about copyright

Copyright for each particular work appearing in bhag is retained by the respective author or authors. This means that when you publish a work in bhag, you retain the right to reproduce and republish your work anytime and anywhere you wish.

See Art and Writing to browse works by our current artists and authors. Email a submission or inquiry to