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bhag email group

The Bhag Email Group is a centrally-organized email discussion group where artists, authors, and interviewees published on can share working insights and informative life experiences in all facets of artmaking: aesthetic, technical, conceptual, and administrative. The Bhag Email Group offers artists and authors an opportunity to share insights and talk shop together by emailing to a single address which automatically distributes to all of our artists and authors who are members of the Email Group.

If you are published at, you may ask to be added to the Bhag Email Group. Contact John Clay at

the philosophy of shared ideas

Like the website, the Bhag Email Group a living embodiment of the philosophy that human individuals together make the massive work called culture through a continuous feedback of images and ideas. Sharing out: Producing effects in the world around us. And receiving a share: Responding to the effects everyone is producing, and synthesizing our own future effects out of their raw material. We make culture. And we give each other the materials to make it from.

The Bhag Email Group does not restrict itself to any single artistic discipline, because just as a single artwork can be made of mixed media, so an aesthetic or technical stumbling block in any medium might be resolved through insights from a mix of other media.

It is hoped that sharing ideas via the Bhag Email Groups will help build a stronger and more meaningful the online community.

making the Bhag Email Group successful

  • Keep your messages practical. Share useful information and we will always have a useful group.
  • Keep it down to earth. Only talk philosophy if your philosophy is central to how and why you do your work.
  • Focus on how to do and show work, not on "being an artist" and not on personal image or status.
  • Be open. Generously share your knowledge, and welcome the ideas of others.

sample topics on which to share your knowledge or ask for input

  • Where and how to show your work.
  • Where and how to learn new techniques.
  • Where and how to get materials.
  • Pricing your art.
  • Work habits and methods.
  • Balancing time, money art, and life (but no griping!).

online code of conduct

  • You must be an artist, author, or interviewee published in
  • Always show courtesy and respect.
  • When offering criticism, do so in a constructive, helpful, respectful way.
  • Do not send threatening or hate-based content and recipes for violent acts or tools of destruction.
  • Do not send spam or chain mail.
  • Do not offer or advertise commercial services or products. You may, however, send notices about upcoming art shows or publications which will include your work.
  • The editor reserves the right to exclude from the Bhag Email Group anyone whom the editor deems has not made a good faith effort to observe the online code of conduct.
  • If the editor excludes anyone from the Bhag Email Group, the editor must send a message to the Group giving notice of the exclusion and listing the grounds for the exclusion.

For answers to your questions about the Bhag Email Group, please contact