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January 2010

Good Things Happen

by John Clay, editor-in-chief

As we begin our tenth year of visual and conceptual exchange at bhag.net—heading toward our tenth anniversary in January 2011—we will be reaching out to new artists and writers around the world.

Last year was committed to on-the-ground realization of bhag.net's vision of shared insights leading to a richer experience of art. My wife Elizabeth and I formed a Bhag Meeting Group with some of our local artist friends here in Minnesota. Meeting monthly, we each bring to each session one or two practical art topics we want to discuss and get feedback on. We go around the group and discuss the topics one by one, wrapping up with food and drink and casual conversation (which ranges widely but often returns to art).

The group has inspired all of us to pursue our craft more actively and has led to new art shows for all of us, as we recommend venues and events to each other. We also started an annual show of our own—the River House Art Show. We invite artists outside our group to join the annual show, and even though the most obvious goal is to show and sell our art (and many pieces do sell), we also infuse the day-long show with the ethos of the Bhag Meeting Group: People sharing conversation, food, and drink, and making new contacts and new friends.

For 2010, even as the work on the ground continues, we will be soliciting more artists and writers for publication online at bhag.net. Elizabeth and I will be inviting artists we know here in America's Upper Midwest. Current bhag artists around the world are welcome to submit new work of their own and are encouraged to invite other artists they know and respect to submit work for publication at bhag.net.

Good things happen when people start sharing ideas and resources together. Find submission guidelines on the Publish page.

© John Clay

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