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September 2010

Hoping for the Holidays

by John Clay, editor-in-chief

The holiday season here in the USA is not far off. And the gift giving that the holidays inspire or, to some minds, require is a last hope for artists trying to sell their work on the local retail circuit of art fairs and cafe shows. Here in Minnesota, in the northern plains, the geese started flying south a month ago. We started closing our windows three weeks ago and as of this week they are all shut tight. Autumn is here. The art fairs around the state are still going strong. The chill is not yet enough to stop the artists from showing under spindly outdoor tents and not yet enough to stop the crowds of would-be buyers. They would be buyers, some of them anyway, if Wall Street hadn't crashed the US economy. As it is, the jobless crowds look and wish, and very few buy. Maybe the holidays will pull us through.

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© John Clay

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