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July 6, 2003


by John Clay, editor-in-chief

The original "word from bhag" was conceived as an extra easy way to participate in the magazine: Just send in a favorite quote or lyric, and we'll post it on bhag. People sometimes find it simpler to quote someone else than to come up with words of their own. Most of us have been on the sending or receiving end of emails from friends or family that turn out to be nothing but a forwarded message. No hello, how are you, what's new with you, this is what's new with me. Just a forward. We at bhag had thought: If that's a way people sometimes like to express themselves, then why not have a place for them to do that in bhag?

But something amazing happened. Apart from a few friends or family members who were just trying to lend a hand, no one sent any quotes or lyrics. Hence the small selection of lines that have kept cycling through word from bhag in ceaseless repetition for the past two years.

Yes, we gave it two years. There's no point rushing people. But now I think the message from bhag's readers is clear: If they have something to say, they will say it in their words in philosophy, literary art, or public journal, or in their own images in visual art. And that's for the best, because that's what bhag is really about: Conscious participation by each one of us in the big project of building culture.

The only other intention behind the original "word from bhag" was this: It might be good to have something that changes regularly, every week, so that even if new submissions to the main sections happen to be slow at one time of year or another, readers will always know they can find something new every week. The endlessly recycling quotes actually were no longer fulfilling this part of the plan at all.

Hence, the new "word from bhag". Every weekend the editor-in-chief or one of the associate editors will post a new message. Sometimes the message will be an announcement about something new happening at bhag (like this one!). Sometimes it will be the editor's thoughts for the week on a random topic. Whatever the message, it will be posted for the week and thereafter will be accessible below, as a link under "word from weeks past". We hope you will enjoy the new word.

© 2003 John Clay

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