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December 2003


by John Clay, editor-in-chief

We are back, after a brief and spontaneous hiatus. Word from bhag resumes now as a monthly rather than weekly column. A monthly pace will be easier for the editors to keep, and maybe easier for the readers too. A number of readers told me a weekly column goes by too fast and leaves one struggling to catch up on missed articles. I know that I and my fellow editors were feeling the pressure as well. It's not that one article a week is a lot of reading or writing; it's that an article a week is a lot when added to all the other demands of daily life and work.

One other piece of business: The conversion of bhag.net to a cumulative rather than annual format (see What is a Magazine?, the August 24, 2003 word from bhag) will commence in January 2004. We'll make the transition as smooth as possible and bhag will remain up-and-running throughout. But I know there will be some bumps, so please bear with us!

Beyond that, on behalf of all three editors of bhag, let me take a moment to wish a happy holiday to everyone who is celebrating. The fast of Ramadan was broken with the feast of Eid al Fitr at the end of November, Hannukah begins mid-December, and Christmas and Solstice arrive in late December—to name just a few. Best wishes to all!

And that's the word until next month.

© 2003 John Clay

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