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by S. E. Chambers


I am reading the World War I novel All Quiet on the Western Front, written by Erich Maria Remarcque, who was himself a veteran of the war. I agree with the main character, "Paul", when he says that the diplomats should have a boxing match and whoever wins, their plans go through. That should be war. Millions and millions of people die because of a few outside thinkers. Millions and millions of young people. That patriotic B.S. can only go so far when you have to kill hundreds of men for a selfish reason that has no direct benefit to you. The question that constantly comes up in my mind is the same as for the main protagonist in the book, "What are we fighting for?" It is useless, all out war. It is useless to use innocent people as pawns for the "greater good". One should attack the problem not wipe out entire countries to achieve that goal. It seems like bickering to me what is going on. Who has the biggest machinery and the most brawn?

In the midst of the war against terrorism, I find myself wondering what exactly is the end to this means? What is the true reason that we are picking on an improvished nation? To attack an obscurity and a blemish? That blemish covers the entire globe; we will wind up attacking ourselves.

What a good job American media and proproganda has done instilling hatred in our nation's children and youth! Most Americans I speak to do not have any idea who the enemy is as a person. They don't know anything about the Muslim religion, Taliban, or the jihad, yet they are more than willing to blow some heads off. What does that say about us as a nation united? We are united in ignorance and blind hatred.

I love America and I will not betray her. I will stand beside her and I will not watch her fall. I believe in the original and true goals of this country which have been forgotten, as every person that goes into office forgets who they are truly representing. They are out to make their own kind more opulent and better off, thus putting massive stress on the working poor.

© 2002 S.E. Chambers