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by S. E. Chambers

November 11, 2000

I agree with Marilyn Manson when he states that we are disposable teens. We matter only when we can vote and I personally don't like it when the presidential candidates try to stoop "down" to our level. Honestly, when we, the teens, write petitions to get things done it is a "no" unless the government official is running for election that year. Everything seems to be important to them around this time. Unless we have tons of money; then and only then will they even consider that we matter. It is our generation that is doing more to save the Earth and human rights. We are the ones supporting the musicians that go to other countries, for example the Tibetan Freedom Concert and Music for Our Mother (Earth). What do they do? They turn on us, complaining that we are too violent. They put parental control on everything but the news. Let's be serious.

First, they don't live like us. They wouldn't be able to survive. They come from these wealthy, cushioned backgrounds that make me utterly noxious. If they would go outside of their little haven then they would see how Washington DC is disgusting. The school system is corrupt so that the only way to get a decent education is through an expensive private school. The streets are run down and the government isn't even trying to help them.

Second, most of them use double talk to appease the entire nation, not being consistent when they get into office. I wish that they would be straightforward in the beginning and not sway to whomever gives them the most money. This nation needs a leader they can trust all the way through. I am sure that being the President of the United States of America is not easy. You can't please everybody. However, as president you can't stand for one thing going in, then acccept the money of the people you are against. Going into office for the women, for the children, and for the minorities, but then supporting the wealthy, the gun owners, the wife beaters, the people that reek of corruption.

Third, there are more than two parties running for president. Why are the rest of them denied federal funding for their campaigns? Always around election, it seems that we have to choose between the lesser of two evils. They both sound alike to me, the Republicans and the Democrats. I know that once they get into office I won't matter anyway, as long as they get their paychecks. Why can't they have a more diverse government, a more varied structure? They go in as Republicans and only vote for what their party wants, when they know that it isn't best for the people of American. They don't care. They claim this is a democracy. It is a bunch of kids bickering about who can rule the longest. It is like a dynasty. They keep it how the many generations of Republicans before them envisioned America. The American public is disposable and is used to keep the economy going. Used by them to make money, with the working poor taxed the most to support the entire country. Slaves to a politically correct master.

Fourth, the people in the government should be a diverse sample of the population. Why have there been only white male presidents? Why not a female or some other ethnicity? Are they afraid that a woman might know what she is doing and do it right? Get real. No matter who goes into office, they will bring in their burdens and they will make mistakes. But a business woman would be as likely as any other responsible person to have a handle on what issues really matter and do her homework before she signs or vetoes a bill.

Fifth, the candidate who wins the popular vote should be the one in office, not the electoral winner. Keeping the electoral college just proves that the government is not of the people, by the people, for the people. The government infrastructure doesn't trust the people to make the right decision.

If I could change the political system, I would change all these things. Note that these suggestions must be aligned with the Constitution of the United States, which is in need of constant interpretation and update. As with the bible, we have lost the original idea, it has become an institution. What happened to the idea of a free country run by the people, not by the wealthy few? Sure, we have changed and evolved as a whole. We have some respect but we are still a young nation and naive on the way it should be done. The richest country in the world with starving people, working poor, and illiterate adults. What is wrong with this picture. Without the American people, the "little" people, America would not have its pride and riches.

© 2000 S.E. Chambers