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by Stephanie Nolasco


She lingers aimlessly
On a coal-coated night.
The star-less sky pierced
With the glow of an opal moon.
The virgin roams,
Seeking the elixir of existence,
Taunting the sleeping nuns
And their faithful voodoo dolls.
Tasting the sweet sweat
Dripping against their wooden crosses.

She leaves them, unattended,
For a new lover awaits her
In the wolf-ridden forest
Where he will soon fall.
There he stands
Alone and soon forgotten.
The saddened soul, not enraptured
By the porcelain beauty.
Pressing her pearl daggers
Against his tightened neck,
She feeds upon the oblivious living,
Luring ancient sin upon him.

Apollo has arrived,
Killing the damned Luna.
Darkness retreats,
Light prevails.
The enchanted awakened
While the dreary now sleeps.
The mistress has disappeared,
No traces found.
She ran to her slumber,
Where the pale ones dwell,
Anticipating the moment
When her hunger roars again.


© 2003 Stephanie Nolasco