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Literary Art by Carol W. Berman

Carol W. Berman first studied at the University of California at Berkeley, where she participated in the student revolution and anti-Vietnam war movement. By moving to New York and attending New York University Medical School, she made quite a transition from her origins. Residency in psychiatry was spent at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and then she returned to N.Y.U. for a research fellowship, where she remained as a clinical instructor in psychiatry. Throughout her career, she's been writing fiction and has had several short stories published in Aphrodite Gone Berserk, Challenging Destiny, Caprice, Fetishes, www.artzar.com, etc. She is on the editorial board of The Bellevue Literary Review. In addition, she writes a non-fiction column called Practical Psychiatry for CNS News. Her first play, UNDER THE DRAGON, was produced by The Workshop at The Neighborhood Playhouse in October 2002. She has just finished a novel, BLITZ IN BERLIN.




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