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EVERYTHING IS NEW: Interview with Jonah Smith



Jonah Smith is a songwriter, singer, pianist, and band leader. His band, which includes Marko Djordjovic on drums, Bob Reynolds on sax, Ben Rubin on bass, David Soler on guitar, and Jonah on voice and keyboards, have been touring and recording together for over five years. After an inauspicious beginning, playing "The Can Can" (for a piano teacher to whom the eight-year-old Jonah promptly gave the heave ho), Jonah has gradually spiralled upward into the music world. After two suberbly mastered self-produced recordings, Industry Rule in 2001 and Beneath the Underdog in 2003, his band signed with Relix Records for their 2006 album titled simply "Jonah Smith", in which they are joined by special guests The Mason Brothers, Garth Hudson, Bill Frisell, and Carrie Rodriguez. Jonah's band has played festivals in the US and Europe, including Bonnaroo, SXSW, Allgood Music Fest, Gathering of the Vibes, Smilefest, CMJ, Granollers Jazz Festival, and Cazorla Blues Festival. Their music has played on the radio and on television dramas. The Boston Globe has called their music "striking" and the New York Post has written that in Jonah Smith the "music industry meets it's future".

Read the interview. Then learn more about Jonah and his band at www.jonahsmith.com

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