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Robert Ceely interviews


WRITING WHAT I WANT: Interview with composer Robert Ceely

MUSICAL ABDUCTION: Interview with composer Robert Ceely



Robert Ceely has been composing music and overseeing performances in the Boston community since the 1960s. Born in Torrington, Connecticut in 1930, he is a graduate of New England Conservatory, in Boston, Massachusetts, where he studied with Francis Cooke. He engaged in further studies with Darius Milhaud and Leon Kirchner at Mills College, and with Roger Sessions and Milton Babbitt at Princeton University. He is the founding director of BEEP electronic music studio in Brookline, Massachusetts, and has composed music for a wide variety of media, including opera, ballet, film scores, and concert music, generally intertwining electronic sound generation with traditional instruments and the human voice. Ceely's work has been supported by grants from the NEA, the Massachusetts Arts Council, the Brookline Arts Council, the Berkshire Music Center, and the Fromm Foundation, and his music has been featured on countless concerts in Boston, both within and outside of academic circles, including the Culture Industry Misfits concert series. He began teaching music composition at New England Conservatory in 1967 and, after some early rumblings about retirement in 1997, eventually retired in 2003. He now composes fulltime at Beep Studios.

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