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The name bhag, pronounced like bag, is an ancient Indo-European root word that means "to share out" or "to receive a share". Whatever root you use, the meaning is one that speakers of all languages can talk about. It's a way of describing how we live our lives.

Sharing out. Producing effects in the world around us; effects that either kill us or sustain us - physically, economically, socially, spiritually, cognitively. And receiving a share. Responding to the effects everyone is producing - drawing on them, surfing them, diving into them, deflecting them, synthesizing our own future productive effects out of their raw material.

We take in images and ideas and methods and produce our own, just as we take in nourishment to power our living. Through this continuous feedback, human individuals make the mass aggregate work called culture. That's an amazing feat, especially since we generally don't even know we're doing it.

Do you know you're doing it? Do it right here. In bhag.


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