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January 2009


by John Clay, editor-in-chief

Welcome to a new year of visual and conceptual exchange. Bhag's artists and authors continue to share their best work with the world, and bhag's editors continue to offer a constructive critical review to every new artist or author who submits work for publication here. The exchange grows as we contemplate each other's work, think about how it's made and what it means to us.

What's new this year is that we are now explicitly inviting our artists and authors—and our viewers—to write their own reviews of works published here at bhag and submit these reviews for publication. New artists making their first submission for publication in bhag are strongly encouraged to submit one written review of an already published bhag artist. At the same time we will begin publishing the reviews by bhag's editors.

Reviews, the email group, and meeting groups are some of the new ways bhag's artists and authors can connect with each other. See the new Creative Exchange pages.

Reviews also open a new channel of communication for our viewers. See Write a Review.

© John Clay

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