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February 2006


by John Clay, editor-in-chief

I feel like a time traveler. Not a sci-fi time traveler. A time traveler like we all are: We move through time. I'm just feeling it right now. I last laid down words on this page one and a half years ago. I posted a notice about the new Interviews section. Within weeks of that posting, I was mugged on the street and came home—from the mugging—to discover that my apartment building had been evacuated by the Fire Department of New York due to life-threatening levels of carbon monoxide. That was about how the next ten months were.

The past eight months have been a time of settling into a decent apartment, launching another website (www.democraticpromise.org), and carrying on my paid job as a webmaster in Manhattan. Bhag survived all this. What gave Bhag a hard time was my old webhosting account going under and my indecisive move—v e r y   s l o w l y—to a new server.

But here I am, laying down words on this page again. And this time the Interviews are the first section to go up, instead of the last. The newest interview is with bassist Paul Frazier, who talks about music, finding the right electric bass, playing with David Byrne, and even a little autoracing.

The Literary Art section also is back. Step by step, all the other sections will come up as well.

© 2006 John Clay

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