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March 2004


by John Clay, editor-in-chief

Bhag's conversion from annual to cumulative format is moving along. The conversion of the literary art section is nearly finished. We are saving the visual art section for last (my way of putting off the laborious task of transferring the hundreds of image files to their new locations.)

As the conversion proceeds, you will find more and more artists whose new and old posts are now available from from one and the same page, making a survey of their works much easier within a given section—philosophy, visual art, literary art, or public journal.

In addition, a new section will be introduced this year—interviews. As editor-in-chief, I have conducted a number of interviews with scholars and artists over the years. Our hope is that by highlighting this medium as a section in its own right we can encourage other writers out there to publish their interviews in bhag as well.

© John Clay

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