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September 7, 2003


by John Clay, editor-in-chief

This is the week of September 11. The day 3000 people died within the span of an hour or less. The day that's about nothing else and the day that's about everything else.

The day Islamic extremists scored a victory for anti-American hate mongering. The day anti-Islamic hate mongering became fashionable again for the first time since the first Bush administration.

The day fanatical leftists said America got what it deserved. The day fanatical rightists said the eastern world would get what it deserved.

The day people around the world mourned by candlelight vigil those who died in New York and Washington DC and Pennsylvania. The day American neo-conservatives saw the opportunity to launch a long-sought return to military colonialism.

The day civil servants gave their lives to save others in an act that has no name. The day American Republicans saw the opportunity to shift the tax burden from the wealthiest citizens, "the most productive", to the poorest, "the least productive", in the name of support for the president during wartime.

The day Rudy Giuliani, formerly known as a murderously brutal enforcer of law and a crass privatizer of New York's public resources, became known as a saint. The day George W. Bush, formerly known as a beer-guzzling businessman who bankrupted the only company he ever ran, and who was frequently portrayed in popular media as a monkey, became known as our trusted protector.

The day all of us, with all our imperfections, helped or tried to help or didn't know what to do. The day everyone in America was quiet. The day we remember but still can't comprehend.

© 2003 John Clay

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