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August 10, 2003


by S. E. Chambers, associate editor

For all our readers out there, I am proposing that we try something new. Bhag has a place for everything, including fan fiction. Fan fiction is what-if scenarios and imaginative happenings written by fans of soap operas, books, and more. Fan fiction is very popular for soap opera fans, who enjoy placing their favorite TV personalities in bizarre situations. It is the best way for them to interact with the characters outside of writing directly to the authors or the stars themselves.

I was thinking about writing a piece based on The Sword of Truth series written by Terry Goodkind. I would focus my short story or scenario on the life of one of the sisters of the dark, speculating on her initiation into the services of The Keeper. Or I would write about what would happen in the series if Khalan had killed Richard when she was under the impression that he was Darken Rahl.

The possibilities are endless. You can even speculate what-if situations between historical figures. What if Hitler had the A-bomb in his possession? Based on his life as we know it, how do you think he would have handled the bomb? Would he have used it? If so, do you think the allies would have won the second world war?

Another scenario: If you were able to genetically alter yourself, how far would you go? Would you go as far as the character did in the James Patterson Lake House novel or would you go farther? What would life be like being Gambit from X-men, or Night Crawler, meeting someone with the same powers as you?

Soap operas and books are one-way communications from author to reader. The interaction between the reader's imagination and the characters that effect it can go much farther. As far as I know you can write fan fiction about any TV show, movie, or book, as long as you give whatever information you can about the source. So go ahead and share your ideas and what-if scenarios in bhag.

© 2003 S. E. Chambers

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